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"Building a custom home is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Milestone stayed on budget, and we had so much fun in the process. I felt very comfortable in their creative ability to help with interior and exterior design details. The team was great at problem solving as well, by figuring out solutions on paper first – before putting them in action. I ended up with a beautiful house with lots of character. It’s great to be able to call your builder a friend, and I do."

Heather Ream
Holland Place-New Home

"GBS Lumber and Milestone Custom Homes have worked together for many years to bring superior products and services to homebuyers in the Upstate. They bring incredible value to the market in many ways, such as the Inspiration Home, where you can see firsthand their commitment to excellence. Milestone is a solid company, built on strong ideas and craftsmanship, making them one of our top builder teams. Over the past five years, we have truly enjoyed our partnership."

Lou Hutchings
GBS Lumber Inc.

"I know from previous building experiences that building a home can be, and usually is, a very frustrating, time-consuming event. Not so with Milestone. I've told my family, friends and coworkers how stress-free the entire process was; and giving that we were relocating to South Carolina from Texas, I am even more impressed. To use a quote from my 68-year-old father after seeing our home being built, 'they build a house like they used to, no shortcuts, only the best materials, and the best labor.' I couldn't agree more. Milestone is proving with each home they construct that you truly can build a house with style, character and quality and still have fun in the process!"

John Gaston
New Home

"Upon being relocated to the Greenville area, we began our search to purchase an existing home. And after having built our previous four homes, we were not really up for another home-building challenge. Consequently, we began our research of potential homebuilders. We ultimately decided upon Milestone Custom Homes. Our experience with Milestone was radically better than with any of the previous homes we had built. Unlike with each of our previous home building experiences, with Milestone we were not always on the short-end of any decisions that needed to be made during the construction. I felt that Milestone treated us with respect, and more importantly, treated us fairly and equitably. It was refreshing to find a builder with not only a professional demeanor, but with a high degree of integrity as well."

Kelly Miller
New Home

“I have known (Jerry Fay and Chris Rogers) Milestone for nearly 8 years and have worked with them on numerous projects, on committees and with customers. I do not know a more dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy team in the homebuilding business. The attention to detail and ability to follow through in a very professional manner is unmatched.”

Bill Durrell
Home Renovation